Waterparks.com is the official Web site for the waterpark and water-leisure industries. It is the most comprehensive listing of waterparks in the world! It was developed and is maintained by the World Waterpark Association, the international organization created to further safety and business effectiveness in the waterpark industry.

There are approximately 1,000 members of the WWA in more than 40 countries throughout the world. The members fall in one of two categories: Park Members or Supplier Members. Park Members are members who own, operate or manage water-leisure facilities. Park Members can also be prospective park developers who plan to build and/or operate a waterpark in the future. Supplier Members are members who supply products or services to waterpark facilities or developers.

For more information on the World Waterpark Association, visit our Associationís member Web site at www.waterparks.org.

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For info on membership in the World Waterpark Association or attending its annual convention, visit its official industry Web site, Waterparks.org

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