No matter where you are traveling to visit a waterpark, make sure you take time to check the park’s Web site for information on directions, accommodations—and discounts! Often, you’ll find waterparks partnering with other area attractions or sponsors to offer special deals. For example, look for deals such as:

Association memberships
Are you a member of AAA, AARP or some other large, national association? As part of your membership benefits, you may be able to buy discounted tickets to waterparks.

Discount/Wholesale clubs
When you’re purchasing your extra-large cans of green beans, check whether you can also get discounts to your local waterpark. Discount clubs such as Costco, Sam’s Club or B.J.’s often offer discounted tickets.

Product tie-ins
Cross-promotions are common between waterparks and soda companies, cereal makers, fast-food retailers and supermarkets. Call the waterpark and ask if they are offering any promotional tie-ins with local or regional retailers.

Credit-card companies
Visa, Discover, American Express and most other credit-card companies provide special promotional deals to entertainment options such as waterparks.

Annual passes
Annual passes are a great money-saving option. If you plan on visiting a waterpark more than once in a season, buying an annual pass usually will pay for itself in as few as two or three visits. If you will be traveling around the U.S. on your search for water fun, check whether corporate parks - such as Six Flags, Palace Entertainment, Disney and others - offer annual passes you can use at all the parks in that chain.

Group discounts
Many waterparks offer group discounts for people. Discounts can be substantial, so check with individual parks to compare savings. Similarly, many waterparks offer corporate programs and group picnics. Check with your local waterpark to see what is available in this regard. For details on the various group sales offerings available at your waterpark, contact the group sales director.

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