Follow these tips for a fun-filled day at the waterpark!

• If you want to avoid crowds, arrive early—before noon—or later in the afternoon. Also, weekends tend to be more crowded than weekdays, so shoot for visits from Monday through Friday.

• Check whether picnic areas are available outside the park. Many parks allow you to exit and re-enter the park with proof of ticket purchase if you want to enjoy a picnic you bring yourself. If picnic areas aren’t available, most waterparks offer a variety of refreshments at concession stands. Note: Glass and alcohol are usually prohibited both inside and outside park grounds.

• If your group splits up, be sure to have a set meeting place and time.

Special kid tips

• Warn kids about swallowing park water. Chlorine and pH readings are usually posted at large waterparks.

• Follow age and height restrictions. Size and coordination can be critical to certain rides.

• Keep toddlers in shallow play areas, such as zero-depth entry pools with no appreciable water depth.

• Pay attention to kids. Make sure an adult has young children in constant view when they are swimming or playing in water. Don’t participate in any distracting activities when watching children, such as talking on a cell phone or reading.

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